When hiring a DJ for your party or event, the gear can be as important as the DJ. Impeccable sound quality with service to match is the main priority for your special event. All of Jay’s sound equipment is up-to-date and well maintained. He exclusively rocks Peavy speakers, giving you the professional sound quality and reliability you expect for your event. His basic setup boasts 2000 watts of peak power with the option to expand up to a 5000 watt system in the right setting. Jay’s sound system is over capable for any venue, giving you unbeatable sound quality with no distortion ever and an intelligent light show to remember. Fog machine is standard for all his dance floor lighting setups.

Top-of-the-line powered audio gear

Amazing intelligent dance-floor light shows

Extensive music library

Prepared for any situation with backup gear

Back-up DJ’s for unforeseen¬†situations


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